Win more projects

Kabandy helps you to increase client satisfaction, to repeat business and to reduce requests for information.


During the design phase, you control the quality and merge the models produced by the project team, create and edit room schedules for programme follow-up, and deliver to your client a consolidated building documentation that meets BIM specs.
At tendering, you classify objects by spec item so that bidders can analyze the design, extract quantities and provide a reliable cost estimation.

Better control margins

Kabandy helps you to detect issues early, to reduce overruns and delays, and to deliver an operable as-built model to the owner.


During the pre-construction, you create accurate takeoffs, manage changes, add cost and schedule information to objects, and provide access to subcontractors and to the design team. Over the construction, the model is enriched with construction data and technical documents.
Before delivering the as-built dossier, you clean information of construction, finalize objects documentation, and check the model against BIM specs.

Optimize your investment

Kabandy helps you to make informed decisions, reduce IT setup costs after handover, and improve operations over the building lifecycle.


During the design and construction, you control the deliverables issued by the teams to keep the project aligned with your strategic objectives.

When receiving the as-built model, you check the model and complement it with missing facility data for the management system. You maintain the model data up to date in order to optimize equipments lifecycle, utility costs, occupancy, and work orders.