Premium Application

When the customerís long-term vision is to incorporate open standards into his/her DNA, we develop on-premises applications that best fit in-house BIM protocols. The core technology of our platform includes generic functionalities from which we quickly deploy applications tailored to the needs. Our algorithms are especially effective on large construction projects, where automation is not just an option to remain competitive.


Design Analysis Sync


Enrich Building Information


ISO16739 Data Validation


Implement BIM Protocols


Open Data Exchange


Role and Responsibility


Split and Merge Operations

Our steps

1. Ask the right question

We deeply analyze the construction project, design practices and IT ecosystem to address business needs in the most valuable way.

2. Set the development roadmap

We list critical BIM requirements, then we define milestones to deliver the application in a short period in order to satisfy the urgency of the construction project.

3. Develop the application using agile methods

During the development phase, we constantly collect feedback to refine the functionalities and anticipate possible changes in the project.

4. Validate the application

We validate the application against several benchmarks using our customer's data to ensure the operations are correct.

5. Ensure the application is used correctly

To avoid misuse of the application, we provide sufficient training and support over the period covered by the license.

Included in the package

The package is highly flexible to cover specific needs related to a construction project.


Customization & Integration

Based on our customerís IT ecosystem, we charge a single reasonable fee to deploy the platform and develop custom applications.


Support & Maintenance

Depending on the number of users, we will charge a yearly license fee to cover the support and maintenance of the application.


Documentation & Training

We provide learning material and documentation. We can complement our offer with training sessions to ensure the applications are used correctly.