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Kabandy – build, connect in Sanskrit – promotes collaborative design to create more sustainable and economical buildings and infrastructures around a reference model, which gathers all design, operation and maintenance information in one place and over its life cycle. In a general environment driven by higher and higher requests in terms of cost and delays as well as social and environmental impact, we believe that open standards and automation technologies support this holistic vision of construction.

Rajan Filomeno Coelho

Technology Development

Our commitment is to make building professionals benefit from the most advanced technologies in BIM and artificial intelligence.

Benoît Descamps

Business Development

Inspired by lean principles, we are closely collaborating with fantastic partners, who contribute to improving Kabandy every day.


BIM involves organizational changes that AEC firms embrace at different rates. At Kabandy, we not only guarantee BIM compliance to our customers, we also bring their expertise ahead of the BIM revolution.

This is why we focus on exclusive developments for our customers.

Inside the Kabandy Lab

Kabandy is a company that develops artificially intelligent systems for the building industry. Our skills combine construction experience and computational science. Since being spun out from the Université libre de Bruxelles in 2016, Kabandy has maintained close links with academia, and the ethos of innovation is carried throughout the company.

Interested in joining the team? You can send an open application with your CV (in English) to We will get in touch if your profile matches future openings. We look forward to having you onboard!

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BIM is reshaping organizations and processes. To support you in this change, we can complement our services with a need analysis and/or the writing of BIM materials (quality assurance plans, specs) to be inserted in contracts.